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All drinks can be made Hot Iced or Blended. 

Non Dairy Milks are optional 

Coconut - Almond - Soy - Oat

Kids sizes are available for cold and hot 



dark roast or medium roast 


Espresso shots with your choice of flavor and steamed milk 


Espresso shots with your choice of flavor and steamed Half & Half


Espresso shots with hot water 

Shot of Espresso

Shots of Espresso 

Cold Brew

House Coffee that has been brewed in cold water for 14-20 hours 


house coffee with shots of espresso 

Loose Leaf Tea

organic loose leaf tea brewed in hot water 

Matcha green Tea Latte

Matcha Powder and Steamed milk 

Boba Tea

iced tea with your choice of flavor and popping boba pearls

Chai Tea

Big Train Chai Tea Powder and steamed milk 


100% crushed fruit Blended with ice 

 Green Smoothie 

Spinach blended with banana, honey, ice, and coconut milk 

Italian soda

sparkling water with your favorite flavor. add cream and whipped cream 


cold lemonade served over ice 

Italian Milk Shake

Milk and your flavor of choice blended with ice 

Maple Brew

Cold brew with maple syrup and soy milk

Protein Shake 

 Chocolate or vanilla base with your choice of banana, peanut butter, or extra flavor blended with milk and ice. 

30 Grams of protein and 2 grams of sugar.

Hot Chocolate or Steamer 

Hot chocolate or your choice of Flavor with steamed Milk 



Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg and Cheese Croissant with your Choice of bacon, ham, or Sausage 


Lunch Sandwiches:

Chicken Salad Croissant 

Turkey Bacon Ranch Croissant

Hot Ham and Cheese Croissant


Chicken salad Wrap

Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap

Turkey Spinach Hummus Wrap




Choc. chunk - White Choc. Rasp. - Blueberry - Brown sugar cinn. 


Monster - Chocolate Chip

Special K Bar


Blueberry- Cranberry Lemon 


Brownie, Raspberry filled, Chocolate Chip Pecan 



Perks Coffee and Tea is a Locally owned Drive thru, serving you a huge selection of coffee, tea, and food. we provide a Breakfast, Lunch, and Treat menu to go along with an almost endless Drink Menu! if you like coffee, tea, or yummy treats, you will love this place! 

--- we love to make your experience the best we can so we will greet you with a smile and send you off with a great day. 

we have non-diary options for most of our drinks. we also have kids sizes available for hot or cold drinks.

now serving you at two locations:

202 west Washington Ave Fergus Falls MN

1311 East Fir Ave Fergus Falls MN



202 West Washington Ave Fergus Falls MN 56537

1311 East Fir Ave Fergus Falls MN 56537


(Fir  Ave)


(Washington Ave)



Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 7am - 5pm

​Sunday: CLOSED 

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